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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there currently room for my family member at Kemetic Behavioral Health Services?

Kemetic Services is always open to reviewing possible options for any individuals in need of support services.

Are residents allowed to decorate their own room?​

They most certainly are! Residents are encouraged to use their own decorations to make their room their very own; after all, it is their home!

Who runs Kemetic Behavioral Health Services?

Our executive leadership team members Alexander Moore & Jenae Moore provide hands on guidance and support. With over 30 years of combined experience working with individuals who have intellectual disabilities, Alex & Jenae possess the knowledge, skills and compassion your family member needs and deserves to live a healthy, independent, secure, and meaningful life within the community.

Is Kemetic Behavioral Health Services licensed?

Yes, Kemetic Behavioral Health Services is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. We are responsible for adherence to the guidelines set forth by the department. Learn more.

Where in the Hampton Roads area is Kemetic Behavioral Health Services located?

We are located in the quiet sub-division of Tarrallton in Norfolk, near Norfolk International Airport and Botanical Gardens. We have another office in Franklin, Va. 

Will my family member have opportunities to interact socially within the Kemetic Behavioral Health Services home and the community?

Yes, the residents are encouraged to participate in activities. These regular activities include shopping, bowling, game nights, Special Olympics, movies and day long excursions such as water and theme parks.

What is a waiver?

The first step to learning more about waivers is to contact your local Community Services Board (CSB) or Behavioral Health Authority (BHA). Your local CSB is your first stop to being screened and assessed for waiver services. To learn more about all of the waivers and services link here.

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