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Waiver Types

DD Waivers

Virginia Medicaid administers DD Waivers jointly with the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.Virginia has three waivers for individuals with a developmental disability:

  • Building Independence for individuals 18 and older
  • Family & Individual Support
  • Community Living

Building Independence Waiver:

This waiver is for adults (18+) able to live independently in the community. Individuals own, lease, or control their own living arrangements and supports are complemented by non-waiver-funded rent subsidies. Supports are episodic/periodic in nature.

Family & Individual Supports Waiver:

This waiver is for Individuals living with their families, friends, or in their own homes, including supports for those with some medical or behavioral needs. Available to both children and adults.

Community Living Waiver:

24/7 services and supports for individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral support needs through licensed services. Includes residential supports and a full array of medical, behavioral, and non-medical supports. Available to adults and some children.

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